all right
i know
it's my fault
i already said so days ago
kind of introspect not just let it be
even asked my friend to judge and punish me again
i know i let you down
not feel sorry
but terribly sorry

all right
i know
there's a mosquito in my room
i couldn't get sleep
even after a sip of red wine
wake, find it and kill it
or not
yes,i wake

tired enough
but not ready yet

come on, others are running

where's the restart button

and so...
will things change into the way we expect?
no one knows

maybe it's wrong
maybe can't take it
time will tell

the lifestyle
the attitude towards life
to see
to feel
to give
to think
to believe

if you focus on one thing
then you must ignore something else

welcome to Taiwan
this is not that New York City
back to reality
all right
just after the end of season six

actually i m a water girl

all right
part of it is true
that people need those hard days to be a better man

will the gift still be nice?

imagine that
imagine the future look
imagine you can't see it

i need a new room
new kitchen
a bigger mirrow
a sleepwell bed
a tub with bubble

what a night

i need a plane
not a plan
no needed
but a plane
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