For somehow, we love facebook;

and for somehow, we might hate facebook.


Thanks for making our lives more enjoyable and much connected to each other, or even close to the unfamiliar or unknown;

we share what happens around, and all look forward to the bright future


and what's more, we may trace back one's past through Facebook...


Somehow when related privacy, it's really hard to draw a line and define whether right or wrong.


Happiness is allowed to be wide spread, we all believe that happiness would be double, triple, or even million times satisfied while simply sharing;


when it comes to sadness, only few are free to enter the comfort zone, really few...


As talking to personal experiences,

I don't really want to know the ugly truth or any better not to say sad stories,

including any uncomfortable or inappropriate flirting, or any news from all the EXs.


I am sorry, that's really mean, but those are just too personal to me.


Please save some space and mind your own business.

What's better, leave me alone.


For somehow, I wish life could be simple and easy,

like clouds in sunny sky.

Walking on Clouds by `gilad on deviantART

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