went to the International office of Universitaet
to join the welcome desk
met Nina who comes from Finland a cool and cold place and she is also new here

got student ID card with bad photo
went to Sparkasse to put money in the ID card
and see the pretty lady who I don't know her name yet
tried to use the ID card machine which NSYSU really should have to get one too

went to the city to get our Aktivpass
which allows us to have 50% discount while buying a ticket for tram oder bus in Linz
went to the Hauptbahnhof to get verteil card
which provides us 50% discount too but it's for train in the whole Austria

our first meal here in restaurant
Josef I guess
the waiter there is funny
he can speak thank you in different languages
the meal here is really expensive
a glass of coke for 2.2EU
a classic meal for 6.9EU
only die kartoffel and der fisch from Belgium are OK
das Schwein still smells bad and tastes bad
I think we'll only cook with beef or chicken in the half year here

that's my card day today!
English and Deutsch are also bad?
ja,I know,ha,just practicing.

Oh, we got coke and chicken from SPAR today,
so tomorrow will be a coke-chicken day!
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